I first started writing Cinematic music in 2014 after listening to an audio book and imagining a score beneath it. I’ve always loved film and soundtracks, so it seemed like a good idea at the time and I went ahead and wrote the imaginary score.

It was terrible naturally, but it was a start!

Since then I have been fortunate enough to progress and have written some original scores for Universal, Shogun Films and Hereford Films to name a few with my partner in crime, fellow composer/graphic designer, Robert Geoffrey Hughes.

Latest Movie Score to Nemesis is available from 29th March 2021!

Rob and I go way back to age 11 playing football together in our High School team, then into our first band at age 18 and we have been writing music together since.

Since our adventures in film music began, we have set up Planets In Alignment which is our company that can offer original music, sound design and graphic design for your film project.

I’ve also written original music for several advertisement and social media campaigns and had music placed with Methodic Doubt Music, a boutique music library based in Los Angeles.